PDF Creator 0.9.8 - Pausing jobs for update request

Hi to all

My pdfcreator is installed on Win2003 server as a service.

From the release of 0.9.9 my pdf creator have the following problem.
Periodically all job are paused, all the job from the intranet are received but never done. The cause is the message box of update advice for the new relase.

To solve the problem I must log-in on the server and simple open PDFCreator, the messagebox for the new version is displayed and just click a button to close it and all the job restart and ad done.

I made a manually test. While PDFCreator work without problem as service I login on the server with my account and open the program and click on the top menu "Check Update", the message box appear and tell me that a new version is available. From that moment, like before, all the job are received, i see in the list, but are not processed till I close the message box.

  • There is a way to disable auto upadate nofity?
  • Could be caused from the user configured on the server? I didn't used system user, but only my account.
    A my mistake, I just checked, PDFCreator run as service as "Local System Account"
  • Is this problem present in 0.9.9 version?



 I had the same exact issue.  I solved it by setting the UpdateInterval from 2 to 0.

I also downloaded and checked the source code and this looks like it'll fix the issue.

50050  If (Options.UpdateInterval) = 0 Then
50060   Exit Sub
50070  End If

Interestingly, I'm not able to get to the Options form on the Windows 2003 server this instance of PDFCreator was installed on.  To work-around that, I updated the registry key directly:


Hope this helps!