PDF Creator 1.0 - Multiple Profiles with Server-Installation



I've tested PDFCreator 1.0 (preview) as a Server-Installation on a W2K3 Server.

When I create a new profile and assign this profile to a second PDFCreator Printer (Menu Printer\\Printer), the configuration of this new profile is ignored (i.e. defined scripts are not executed etc.) and all print-files for this PDFCreator printer are created in "C:\\Programme\\PDFCreator\\Temp\\PDFCreatorSpool\\" and remain in the queue of PDF Print Monitor.

If I do a local installation of PDFCreator and configure multiple Printers with different profiles, all works fine.

Gruß, Franklin

Can you download and test the preview again? Please report any results.

Hallo Frank,


I've downloaded the new 1.0 preview and it works fine.

It is installed in Server-Mode on a Windows 2003 Server with two PDFCreator printers with different profiles.

Both of them are shared printers and printing over network works as expected.

Even Win7 x64 Clients receives the correct driver automatically.

Finally, I've configured PDFCreator.exe as a service (using instsrv.exe, srvany.exe in a common way, running under system account) and it works without problems.

Really Great Job!!!

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Thank you for the response.