PDF Creator 1.3.1 brings in 4D on our 2008 R2 TS no save mask when NOT set as Default Printer

We have installed the latest PDF Creator 1.3.1 Version on our 2008 R2 Terminal Server Environment (Remote Session host)

There we use a 4D Database Programm, where we use PDF Creator.

Now if we have PDF Creator set not as default, we get no save mask from PDF Creator.

With other Tools like PDfill this is working.

When we set PDF Creator also as default printer, the save mask will come.

From Office 2010 we will get the save mask in both situations.

So this seems to be a Bug, between PDF Creator 1.3.1 and the 4D Database Programm.

Can you help us with that? The old version was working (<1.2) and other PDF Converters also.