PDF Creator 1.7.1 print bug

I tried to print a webpage, and got some mangled output in one area.

This was the videos page of the C++ for C programmers course at www.coursera.org.

of it looks OK, but at the area where the individual sections for
Module 5 are listed, the lines for 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 are piled up on
top of each other, as if each line was printed without a newline to
separate them, but each line does go back to the start of the line, so
it’s an unreadable mess. This issue is at a page break from page 2 to
page 3 of the resulting PDF, on the top of page 3.

Everything else in this print seems fine for this 4 page PDF.

am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and Firefox 25.0. I installed PDF
Creator a few minutes ago on 2013/11/09, and looks like this is version

P.S. the webpage in question is

CutePDF Writer seems to have exactly the same problem, but printing to my laser printer comes out perfect.


I am guessing this is a ghostscript problem, would explain why it works on your laser printer (PDFCreator and cutePDF both use ghostscript). You could try manually installing an older ghostscript version and set PDFCreator to use it in the ghostscript section of the options. (You can have “unlimited” different ghostscript vresions installed at the same time).