PDF creator 3.4.0 silent install command to skip HTTP error


Hi All,

I am trying to develop a silent install for the 3.4.0 but i need a command wherein i could skip this window

and perform silent install.




You can do it all with the existing switches, silent installs will automatically hide the dialog.

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Hi Robin,

I have tried the below command unable to install it silently.

"C:\Temp\PDfforge\pdfforge PDFCreator 3.4.0\All\Files\PDFCreator-3_4_0-Setup.exe" /SILENT

"C:\Temp\PDfforge\pdfforge PDFCreator 3.4.0\All\Files\PDFCreator-3_4_0-Setup.exe" /VERYSILENT

"C:\Temp\PDfforge\pdfforge PDFCreator 3.4.0\All\Files\PDFCreator-3_4_0-Setup.exe" /ForceInstall /SILENT

Also created and INF file and ran with /VERYSILENT command still unable to install silently



sorry for the trouble; the first 2 commands should work out of the box, but I don't think the HTTP error is causing this; the file the setup is attempting to download just displays an offer screen at the end of the setup and isn't downloaded during a silent install. There should be a setuplog inside your %temp% folder pointing to the actual issue.

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In the log file it says PDFCreator doesn't support silent installations in Windows domains anymore! Please use PDFCreator Business. Find more information here: https://go.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator-business/upgrade.

Does this mean the setup cannot work for windows pc silently and we have to go for licensed version.
Do we have to go with only licensed product and the free version can only be installed manually skipping the http prompt.



yes it is no longer possible to install PDFCreator Free silently if the machine is inside a windows domain (you can still do it on windows pcs that aren't part of a domain)

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