PDF creator 4.1.3 unwanted installation

So i work in a company who use MS Access 2000 and PDF Creator 1.7.3 until yesterday everything work "perfectly" but since the 25/10/2020 PDF Creator 4.1.3 just install itself on few PC.

We have to uninstall all PDF Creator version and reinstall 1.7.3 Version but after few hour the 4.1.3 is back.

Pc where this mysterious "bug" occure have different windows version and different hardware.

How can i disable the autoinstallation of the latest version ?

Thanks in advance the company gona have a hard time if i dont find any solutions.

Hi @Mougnou,

We have not implemented a mandatory update, so we are very curious about this mystery as well. Does your company use any 3rd party or Windows services to update existing applications on your clients?

Kind regards

Glad the team of PDFCreator take note of my problems :slight_smile:

Apart Windows update nothing else.

Also sometimes we have a popup who ask to make the last update of PDFCreator.

So maybe it's one of our employee who miss click but the timing (sudenly on multiple PC) make me think other way.

EDIT : We only had this "bug" few days now it seems fix until it come back in my opinion.

Kind regards

So after investigation PDF creator dont seems to auto update but some software install the last version of PDF creator (don't know wich one actually).

For people wondering wich software i will make another post about that on the forum.

Link to the other post : PDF 4.2.0 auto install