Pdf creator and revit problems

Hi, I have two problems:
1) pdf creator 1.6.2 + revit 2013: pdf creator prints some n letters as sign ‘-’. Font is for sure installed on computer ok. After upgrading to 1.7.3 or 2.1.1 prints OK! After downgrading to 1.6.2 prints n as -.
2) pdf creator 1.7.3 or 2.1.1 + revit 2013/2014: whatever you set in print settings pdf files are rotated. After downgrading to 1.6.2 prints right.

Best regards!


please try changing the setting under profile settings->PDF->General in Version 2.1.1 from auto detect to the desired orientation. The automatic detection doesn’t always work correctly. You can create 2 separate profiles for landscape and profile, if needed.
If you installed PDF Architect together with PDFCreator, you can also register the create module for free and use the PDF Architect virtual printer (which has a totally different way of getting the orientation and solves the issue in most cases).

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