PDF Creator as a service - 2008R2

Good Morning All, 

This week my PDFCreator stopped operating as a service, though I’ve got no indication that it did through the print server. User’s jobs just stopped delivering pdfs.

We created a domain user to run the service, have it start up at system launch, and even at this moment, indicate that the service is running.

However, when users print, all the pdf’s are hung up until I launch the PDFCreator user interface/server monitor – at that time all the pending/queued documents pop into place as expected.

This was the same behavior that we saw before we had installed the service.

We had good/working stuff going on 6/20, and then when we printed yesterday, nothing until I launched from the console.

We’re running 1.7.3, and I was wondering if anyone else had run into this very recently – perhaps any patches to 20008R2? 

I was also wondering if we have any plans for adding “run as a service” to the official operational methods going forward?  Grabbing the old 2003 Resource Kit wasn’t too painful, but still more steps than should be necessary :slight_smile:

Please note that this was operational in production for a couple months, as a service, and then stopped responding this week.

I checked the user (good, can log in, can write files in the destination)

I’ve turned on logging at the print-user level, hopefully it can give me something meaningful.