PDF Creator converts text to image, with Firefox 4

I'm currently running PDF Creator 1.2 with Firefox 4 under Windows 7 64 bit.

Each week I create a PDF of my paycheck by "printing" with PDF Creator from a secure website.  Until last week each PDF was approximately 112KB.  This week after upgrading from Firefox 3.5 to 4, the size of the PDF created is now approximately 500KB.  As a test, I also "printed" the same document via PDF Creator from Internet Explorer 8, and the PDF wound up being only 67KB.  The other interesting fact is, with the PDF created from IE8 and FF 3.5, I could cut and paste text from the paycheck PDF.  However from the same document "printed" from Firefox 4 I could not, it appears to be rendering the whole PDF as an image of the page content.

Are there any ideas why this may be happening, and what I could change in FF4 or PDF Creator to modify this behavior and reduce my file size.  I suppose I could reprint everything via IE, but I'd prefer to continue using FF for this and all my web browsing.

Thank you,

Scott Cole

FF 3.6.x was already doing this for some pages for x > ~13 or so. Very annoying feature of FF. IE, Opera, and Chrome can be used instead, but what a pain.

I´ve notice the same behaviour with FF4.

Work arround: move to google Chrome - FF4 updated the print mechanism to convert the page to an image. As a result you will have bigger files and you can´t copy/paste the PDF content if you need.

You need to desactivate Graphic Hardware Acceleration in FF4:

Go to FF4 options, advanced section and just unmark the graphic acceleration option.