PDF Creator Crashes

PDF Creator crashes with an error "Permission to use object denied".

The item is still entered into PDF Creator's queue so by opeing the PDFCreator PDF Print Monitor you can print it from there.

I think it may be related to Adobe Reader X incompatibililty, but would require someone else to confirm. Try opening a PDF in Adobe Reader X and then print it to PDFCreator.

I'd like to try the new version 1.2.0 please. Do you have an estimate of the release date for it? Thanks!

Hello Frank,

We use com interface to dirve pdfcreator in our application, and we have a crash with the pdf monitor. This crash is reproduicible with your c# sample.

Here is the scenario, i can send you sample code if you want (pdfcreator 1.1 windows 7).

Launch the application that use com interface

Open pdfcreator monitor

Switch to the applciation, and print something

now close the printmonitor with quit menu or window close box

Switch to the applciation,  and print something

Pdf monitor crash

In order to test compatibility with or app, i'll be glad to try the version 1.2

Best regards


This is fixed in the new version 1.2.0 and if you like I can send you a link for testing.