PDF Creator - creates white blank pdfs

Hello, we have custorem who is using pdf creator newest version and if he convert image in PDF it almost in every document create weird white stripe on middle of the page.

I try it too so I download pdf creator and I have the same issue with multiple images.

I have tested now on a jpeg file using Right-Click Convert o Convert here and I see the behavior you describe.

If I open the jpeg file with the Photo Windows app e choose Print, the pdf created is correct.

I think depends on the default app or program defined to manage Print.

Now I'm looking for a solution to this, a way to change the default app for printing and I will report here.

Same problem here. And it worked fine since last Saturday. I hope you can find a solution because it is driving me crazy!

Follow this thread for the parts relative to the various Windows Update patch:

Fonts not printing correctly and ConversionWorkflow Error

I am unable to use the create tools in my PDF Architect 7 for some days. I can move pages, rotate pages in files created before but there is a white blank in the central part of any of the new pdf files. Is there a solution? I cannot afford to buy Adobe Acrobat right now

Sorry for the late reply... :woozy_face:

On March, 9th Microsoft released an update that contained bugs:

The impact on PDFCreator: When converting to PDF a large white area appears in the middle of the page.

Microsoft acknowledged the issue and has already resolved it with the out-of-band update KB5001649, so if you check for updates and install the KB5001649, the issue will be resolved.

Some users/admins have reported back that this has helped.

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Hello all,
for eliminate these problems with printing TIFF to PDF (with white-box) use another TIFF browser as Windows default pictures viewer.
By using of f.e. program IrfanView (and print to PDFCreator from IrfanView) are these problems with white box removed.
Best regards

Thanks, update really helped me to solve this problem.