PDF Creator doesn't print


I have a Windows Printing Service that should generate PDF’s automaticly with PDFCreator.
I use autosave mode.

If I print to PDFCreator from any desktop application, it works fine! But not from the service, which I do run under the same Windows-login (Administrator) by the way.

It seems PDFCreator doesn’t even know it should print something. PDFCreator log file is empty. This is strange because I can see how the spool document becomes to Windows Spool in “See what’s printing”  dialog and dissapears after printing also. Definetly Windows prints, but PDFCreator doesn’t react to printing calls.

What’s wrong? Any ideas?


which version do you have and did you install it in server mode?




I have 1.5. However, this could be issue with my Windows 2008 R2 or with the printing service. It does not work with print-to-file laser printer either. But still, if you have any ideas I would appreciate!
It seems that something blocks all the printjobs from printing spool to actual printer and I don’t know what it is. User-rights for the printers are okay.

By the way… How PDFCreator can be installed in “server” mode. Setup doesn’t give me any option about that?