PDF Creator Free 5.1.1

Hello all,

I'm trying to deploy PDF Creator 5.1.1 (Free) by using the exe.
I'm trying to do a silent install of the "Program only" and thus not the "PDF Architect"
And certainly not to install the "Opera browser"

Until now, I have tried :
PDFCreator-5_1_1-Setup.exe /COMPONENTS="program" /VERYSILENT /NORESTART
PDFCreator-5_1_1-Setup.exe /SILENT /NOICONS /COMPONENTS="program"
PDFCreator-5_1_1-Setup.exe /S /COMPONENTS="program"

But none of them work, it always shows me the install window

Suggest that you assume that PDFCreator (Free) is not silent, but it is free. It is probably not intended for Deployment. Maybe you are a use case for the Professional version. HTH.

Hello @it_bo-rsmbelgium.be,

as @pdfcreator29072012x mentioned, PDFCreator Free is not intended for Deployment. For deploying PDFCreator and do a silent install, you need the PDFCreator Professional.
Here you can find differences between PDFCreators:

Kind regards