PDF Creator freezes in windows 10


We are currently using an older version of PDFCreator (0.9.6) embedded in vb.net. We have used it without any issues for the last 10 years and it works just fine in Windows 7 but unfortunately when we try to use it on Windows 10 it freezes every time. Any ideas. I have looked at upgrading to 3.5 but it handles differently the the older version.


Hi @davewil

Unfortunately, I can't assist you with the issue in PDFCreator 0.9.6.
But there is a guide on how to migrate older COM scripts to PDFCreator 2.0 and newer: https://docs.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator/3.5/en/pdfcreator/com-interface/user-manual/basics/workflow-comparsion-v1-7-v2/