PDF Creator Multiple Silent installs

I need to install (SILENTLY via batch file) PDF Creator Business on 100+ PC's on an intranet. How can this best be accomplished? Can one KEY be linked to multiple installs? I purchased one licence as a test and I am about to create an inf file for the silent install, but I figured I would post this first.


you can find most details on the installation process here:
To answer your questions: One key can be linked to multiple installs, please ask our sales team for a volume license key if you don't have one already.

You can then either use an inf file or directly pass all required parameters through a command line or use the MSI to install through active directory.

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Thanks Robin. How about setting the default Folder and other Profile settings for ALL users. I realize you can probably use the reg file to set it for the Current user, during the initial install, but how all all users? There are going to be multiple users per machine, so we would need to update the profile for each user after install. Is there a way to set the default folder for all users at install time?

Please see this guide to learn how to share PDFCreator settings: https://docs.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator/3.5/en/pdfcreator/pdfcreator-settings/predefine-settings/share-settings/

It looks like this (copying ini file to %ProgramData%\pdfforge\PDFCreator) only works for the Business Version, is that correct? I tried it on the standard version and it did not work.

It will only work for Business and Terminal Server Editions (3.4 and newer), that's correct.