PDF Creator not autosaving in correct path!


Recently set up a new PDF Creator installation (version1.7.3) on a new print server (running 2008 R2), following the same settings as a previous version was configured (however replacing the to ). However I cannot get the printer to print directly to the folder, it only seems to dump the files in the service account that the PDF Creator Service runs under.

Service account: pdfcreator

I have PDF creator set up to autosave to a folder as follows: \\\\server\\share\\folder\\<username>

Howver when trying to print from any user logged in, the generated file always get placed in the\\\\server\\share\\folder\\pdfcreator folder, rather than the username of the person who sent the request to print.

Can't understand why - please help!

Many thanks


please try using the token, this should resolve to the user who started the printjob.

best regards,

Worked a treat! Many thanks!