PDF Creator Not clearing list

We have a machine here that is not clearing the previous print list.  Each time they print it prints all previous prints as well.  Like it is not clearing the history and printing from scratch each time.

Using Windows 7

Any ideas?

There seems to be a problem for PDFCreator to access to the temp path to clear old jobs.

Please uninstall PDFCreator and delete all settings during this process. After a reboot install PDFCreator again and test it.


PLEASE tell me there is a way to empty the spooler!  I'm trying to produce pdf's out of Excel.  Aside from trying to get this working, the debug process is very painful.  Every time a test fails you're suggesting uninstalling the entire pdf Creator pkg?  This software looks promising for my application - I've looked at 4-5 others and pdfCreator looks closest to a solution.  But this macro debug process is very painful if it requires software uninstall/reinstall after each failed attempt.  Running WinXP SP3, Excel 2000.

That works - but it's pretty nasty if you have a macro that keeps hanging.  After 4-5 installs I finally got to where pdfCreator would hang and crash Excel.  But at least I could close the pdfC task and get back to work.

BTW, I had a macro - largely based on Ken Puls code - that worked when single-stepped but hung during normal execution.  A liberal sprinkling of DoEvents instructions finally solved the problem.  Now it works super!  You might suggest this technique for regular use w/ pdfC.  Seems that some pdfC-related instructions need some time to be "digested" before letting macros proceed.