PDF Creator & PDF Architect, Why don't I buy it

I wanted to send this as feedback but there is no arrangement for it.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT FEEDBACK I can give PDF Creator & PDF Architect.

I keep getting messages to pay for both software programs, as the message to me says I am a "power user" because I have converted 800+ documents.

The problem is, having TWO PROGRAMS that is pdf creator AND pdf Architect, it is VERY CONFUSING to know why 2 programs are needed. I will NEVER pay for the CONFUSING programs. If there was just one program I would pay for it.

I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this way. If you can solve this confusing problem I would definitely consider paying for it. But not for 2 programs, because I have NO IDEA what the PDF Architect is for. And why should there be a second program, I am totally baffled.

This is the ONLY time I will make this post. The rest is upto you.

Thank you for reading this posting,


Hi Barry,

thank you very much for your feedback.
While PDFCreator and PDF Architect do share some functionality, they are very different applications.
PDFCreator is a virtual printer for converting any printable file to PDF or other formats. It allows heavy automation which makes it suitable for integration into other software or complex workflow environments.

PDF Architect is a PDF editor which allows to not only convert other documents to PDF and vice versa, but also allows direct editing or creating PDFs from scratch (with paid version). An overview of the different PDF Architect packages and features is located here: https://www.pdfforge.org/pdfarchitect/features
It also requires/enables a lot more user interaction than PDFCreator

If your main focus is on converting documents rather than editing them, PDFCreator is the right choice.
If you'd like to do both, you can still use the free PDFCreator version for creating the PDFs and one of the PDF Architect packages for editing or creating PDFs from scratch.
Purchasing both applications can make sense if you need the editing features of PDF Architect but also create PDFs on a daily basis and need the automation PDFCreator offers + pro support.

Best regards