PDF creator prints instead of creating PDF file

Hi there, I'm new on this forum and I have two questions.


When I right-click on a file in windows explorer to create a PDF file, instead of creating a PDF file, my printer takes over and starts printing. This is not what I want because I use the PDF's to send via e-mail. How can I prevent this ? By the way, this happens only since I've upgraded PDF Creator to 1.4.3


When right-clicking a file to create a PDF (if this will ever work again) you get to the point where you have to save the new created PDF file. PDF Creator always wants to save the file where you've saved a file the last time you've saved one. How can I adjust the settings to make sure the software automaticly saves the new created PDF file in the same folder as the original?


ThankS, Rob.



1. is bugged in the current version but will be fixed, at the moment the only "workarround" is setting PDFCreator as your default printer.


2. There is no such setting, you will need a script for this.