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Hi there,

We have recently purchased PDF Creator Server for use at a health board in New Zealand. We are now live and things are going great. We had planned on using the standard/free version of PDF Creator for our acceptance/test environment but have not been able to get this going on our dedicated acceptance print server (have had techs trying for 2 weeks).

We understand we can create multiple queue's using the paid version we have (i.e. one for prod and one for test) but security policies are very strict in our environment and we are not allowed any cross over between prod and non-prod environments so this is not an option.

Is there any way you can supply us with a free licence for PDF Creator server to be used strictly for testing in our test environment?



Clayton Redfern removed


Hi Clayton,

Thanks for your post.

I removed some information from your post since the forums are openly visible for everyone.
Technically, we're not able to tell if a server is in a productive or in a testing environment.

If you only need to test new versions for a few days we could hand you a temporary license from time to time. If you need two servers online all the time, you might need a second license.
Please contact us here to discuss the details: https://support.pdfforge.org/contact