PDF Creator Takes a Long Time To Load

I am using an Intel Celeron Processor running Windows 8.1 New Dell Machine. PDF Creator takes forever to load and then prompt and save the PDF. I disabled PDF from opening in PDF Architect and now just have it open from PDF Creator. Architect 4 also took forever to load too. Sometimes the computer responds quickly and opens the PDF in PDF Creator but more often it does take a very long time (up to 2-5 minutes) for PDF Creator to respond and prompt the save function. I am also running a newer Intel laptop i3 and on that machine the program is quite fast. Do I need to replace the Celeron Machine with a machine with a faster processor or are there other settings I can do to make the program quicker. I run an online store and print labels for packages. I first print and save the PDF and then print the label on paper or vice versa. The print on paper with my HP printer takes me a half minute or less to do. The extra PDF print and save can extend the time up to 10 - 15 minutes total to get PDF Creator to work and save the PDF of the label Thank you for the assistance. 

PDF Creator Takes a Long Time To Load


have you tried leaving PDFCreator open in the background?
This should help as it will then only need to be loaded once.
In general the loading time does seem extremly long though, if Windows 8.1 runs properly on the machine, PDFCreator shouldn’t take that long to load.
Are you using the latest version of PDFCreator (2.2.2)?

not related to the problem, just a general hint:
You can configure PDFCreator to automatically print to your HP printer after creating the PDF.

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