PDF creator V0.9.3 :: Multiple Files creation

Hi All,

            We have integrated the PDF creator V0.9.3 to conver the email body from the Notes client 8.5.3 FP1 version to PDF document.  we are able to make a PDF document for one email.  Can you please advice if we can generate multiple PDF documents when multiple email are selected.

PS: When mulitple email are selected and printed using the PDFcreator all the email body comes in one document , we would need different document for each of the selected email.





have you tried using the “one file per page” setting? (option->programs->document).



Hi Robin,

         Thanks for the reponse, I could see a option in the document Styles tab "Print each document as a separate print job" , But need to set this up programatically when the call happens from my application using the PDF creator DLL.