PDF output file size

Every other month I have to create a PDF file from 16 individual PDF files containing one page each. Starting with version 1.2.1 I found that the resulting output file size has substantially increased compared to version 1.2.0. Example: the current directory of 16 single page pdf files has a size of 8.18  MB, the resulting pdf file (16 into 1) with PDFCreator Version 1.2.3 / GPL Ghostscript 9.04 has a file size of 113 MB, with PDFCreator Version 1.2.0 and PDF Xpansion 5.7.8 the resulting size is 4 MB (parameters equal).

Is there anyone having similar observations or who can give a hint what I can do except stay with the old version, what I currently do?


please give us more detailed information about your problem.

Do the PDF files contain text and images, or are they mostly text / mostly images?

Which program are the PDF files printed from?

An other user has a similar problem and for him it seems to be Adobe Reader X causing it, trying with an older version of Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader could help.

Hi Robin.W,

the content of the pages varies depending on the articles. Most pages contain 2-4 jpeg-files usually 709 px wide and 400-800px  in height. All 16 pages use 3 fonts. which are included in the PDF-files. The image resolution for generating each page was set to 96dpi. The output file size of the 16 pages ranges from 40 kB (text only) to 765 KB (only jpgs (ads)).

Each page is produced using MS Office Publisher 2007 and "printed" using PDFCreator 1.2.0 / Ghostscript 9.0. 

The combination process (16->1) was run once using PDFCreator 1.2.0 / Ghostscript 9.0 (result 4247 kB) and once with PDFCreator 1.2.3 / Ghostscript 9.04 (result 113683 kB).

As a test I "printed" one page (mainly text with 1 jpg 5x4 cm) with PDFCreator 1.2.3. The resulting file had a size of 1243 kB, whereas version 1.2.0 produced a 79 KB output file with 96dpi and a 81 kB  file with 300dpi. 

The file sizes were found in windows explorer, no pdf reader was involved.

PDFCreator 1.2.0 runs on a Windows XP SP1 notebook, PDFCreator 1.2.3 runs on a Windows 7 notebook.


I have done some tests with different version of PDFCreator (1.2.0, 1.2.3 and the upcoming 1.3.0) and all had the same file size on my Windows XP and Windows 7 machine.

What I try to figure out is if there is something within PDFCreator that has changed or if the Windows version or MS Publisher does something there.

What happens, when you print the PDFCreator Test page (from the options dialog) or the Windows Printer test page. Do they have the same file size with different PDFCreator version?

kind regards,


I have done some tests as you suggested.

1. Generating the PDFCreator-testpage in V1.2.0 resulted in a file of 47.250 bytes, whereas V1.3.1 produced a file of 47.233 bytes. (1.3.1 was installed after completely deleting V1.2.0)

Both files contain colored objects.

2. Joining page-pdf-files to a broschure-pdf-file:

V1.2.0 produced a file of 1.725.930 bytes (16 colored pages into 1, 96dpi, fonts included)

V1.3.1 produced a file of 1.132.817 bytes (16 colored pages into 1, 96dpi, fonts included)

**but** the output file of V1.3.1 is no longer in color but b/w (options unchanged)

So, the size problem might have been gone with the new version, the "color to b/w" problem remains (see other topic).

kind regards,