PDF page rotation issue

Hi team,
I generate PDF from MS Word 365 using PDF creator 4.1.0.
Page document is A4 portrait. Print parameters are portrait,1 page per sheet. Printer parameter is also A4 portrait. However output is A4 but rotated 90° clockwise...
I tried to change to landscape without success.
I saw some post like this one without answer so far. Is this a known bug?
Thanks for support

what helps is that you first rotate your fotos or documents 90 clockwise before using pdf creator. but it should not be like that, I mean if you have a lot of documents like fotos and you have to rotate every single foto before using pdf creator. something must be wrong with pdf creator or it might be some setting in the pdf creator. I dont know. I am searching for answers myself. but try what I said above, it helps with this problem

I have found another way to fix this issue. after you finish with pdf creator, your document opens up automatically with architect 7 and in that you can rotate that document(settings: go to view then far left you can see the 2 symbols for rotate to left and right) very easily. and after that dont forget to save

oh man

its me again, I thought it worked but that doesnt work...

but this works now...

I am using sumatra pdf and with that you can rotate your pdf and save it... so after crating pdf with pdf creator you can open your pdf with sumatra pdf and rotate... it worked for me

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Hi, thanks for the workaround, I already did that with an alternate editor.
What I'd like now is to get view of PDF creator dev. team...

Hi @franf44

I am working in Support and I could not replicate the issues you are experiencing.

Is the text within the Word document rotated by any chance? Are all other document also rotated by 90° clockwise? What happens if you create a new PDFCreator printer and profile?


P.S. Thank you @ruller_custt for your suggestions :slight_smile:

Hi Sascha,
Thanks for your email. I tried to upload my reduced docx file (one page) so that you can check by yourself but docx and PDF are not allowed.
I use PDF creator 4.1.3. I use 2 specific profiles for saving PDF in specific folder one with FTP at end. Same result with both profiles. If you want I can send you my profiles also, please tell me how to export them.
Best regards,

Feel free to send us the configuration file *.ini to support (at) pdfforge (dot). org

Many thanks

Eventually issue has been fixed in the output profile by setting output format to"Auto-Detect" instead of "landscape".