PDF print Monitor combines all prints of diffenet sizes


I need help to configure properly to print batch of different size papers.
I have letter size, legal size & 11x17 page documents. So prepared 3 different pdfcreator printers with defaults as letter, legal & 11x17 papers in respective printers.

I printed them from my software selecting all docs with all three printers. All prints correctly with proper size papers. No problem till now.

Now, question: All goes to PDF print monotor for wait & collect. I want to create three print monitors each has only respected size of paper. Then I can save them in 3 pdf files each has only one size paper.

Is it possible? OR new feature can be added?

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if you can set the page size in the application you are printing from, PDFCreator should automatically use this size, meaning you could actually simply send them to the same PDFCreator printer. As long as you don’t actually use the wait&collect funtion, the PDFs will still be stored separately.

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Say I have 100 letter size + 75 legal size & 60 11x17 paper docs. I want make 1 pdf file containing only 60 letter size docs. + 1 pdf contains only letter legal size docs + another pdf contains only 11x17 size docs. From my application, it’s selects correct printer based on size.

All files are randomly shorted & to short by size, I have to open each file one by one.

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ok I get the problem now. I am afraid it is not possible to have separate print monitors. Probably the easiest solution is setting up different profiles for each paper size, all autosaving to different folders and combining the files afterwards.

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