PDF signatures and embedded OCSP


I am working on a project that uses digital signatures in PDF. We would like to included embedded OCSP responses in the PDF signature, so it can be verified as a long term signature.

I have tested with PDFCreator 1.3.2 on Windows XP SP3, but this function does not seem to be available.

Can this feature be added to PDFCreator? I would like to talk to you PDFCreator developers about developing this feature for PDFCreator.

Please contact me, I would like to speak with you about possible sponsored development of this feature.






PDFCreator already uses a timestamp server to get a signed timestamp. With PDFCretor 1.4.0 you will also be able to set the server in the options. The protocol used is OCSP. Is this what you are looking for or are you seeking a different way of integration?

kind regards,

Hi Philip,

Thanks for the asnwer.

If it is OCSP it is what I am looking for. Usually the timestamp and OCSP is different things. Timestamp is usually RFC3161, while OCSP is RFC 2560. I know PDF has support for both, but normally it requires two request, one to a timestamp server and one to an OCSP server.

What are the options for Timestamping? Can I set the options using command line or the API?

(I didn't find these options in the doc).

Do you have an idea when 1.4.0 will be out?