PDF to XLS trouble, nothing outputed

I have successfully used PDF Architect to create a PDF file.  I can
successfully use a trial version of a software called Eepdf to convert
this to an Excel file.  Eepdf is more expensive than PDF Architect, so I
bought the Conversion module of PDF Architect to do this instead.  (The
PDF file I created was a screen grab of a folder in Windows 7 - I want
to extract some folder data and put it in an Excel file)

So now
when I use PDF Architect, I open and select the PDF file that I created,
and then I click the “PDF to XLS” button.  It then gives me a message
that says “Current document does not contain any tables.  No output file
was created”  Can you please explain this error?


the PDF Architect isn´t able to find the table structure within the screen grab.
It would be great if you could provide us with the source file for which this fails (if possible), we will gladly have a look at it.



How am I supposed to send you the PDF file I’m using?  Is there a way to attach it here? I’ve tried to reply to your email by attaching the file there, but it keeps getting returned with a delivery failure notification.


please send it to support@pdfforge.org.