PDFAchitect causes issue with Right Mouse Button menu in Solidworks Enterprise PDM

Installed the latest build of PDFCreator and PDF Architect.
Have Solidworks Enterprise PDM installed on computer.
I found that in Explorer, when I selected a file in the Enterprise PDM Vault and pressed the right mouse button then instead of the normal right-mouse-button menu being displayed the Explorer window would become unresponsive for five minutes before becoming active again.
If you selected a file in a normal folder and pressed the right mouse button the normal menu would display.
The problem started after installing the latest version of PDF Creator and PDF Architect. The problem was fixed after I uninstalled PDF Architect.
Not looking for a fix, only reporting an issue in case anyone else comes across it.


thanks for the feedback, it sounds like this might be caused by the Windows shell integration of PDF Architect in connection with Solidworks Enterprise PDM.
In case anybody else gets this, it will probably be enough to disable the PDF Architect Windows shell integration.

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