PDFArchitect feature request

This is a great new utility and just needs a couple more features to make it perfect.

1. Allow to open a NEW (empty) file. This way we can copy/paste to a new file.

2. Allow to export (save) selected pages to PDF.

Thanks for the great product.

This should be possible. :-) We will discuss this in our team.

I noticed that opening this file ( http://en.flossmanuals.net/_booki/avidemux/avidemux.pdf ), the first page is not displayed correctly, ie, is empty. Does this only happens to me?

Thanks for your software.



the first page is nearly empty, only a huge title and the following text on the bottom of the page: Published : 2011-03-10
License : None


Was it completely blank for you?


Sorry, I have a slightly different version of pdf file downloaded from the same website.

Please, try to open this file: http://www.mediafire.com/?gozh8e7crqd58zk

Best regards,