Pdfcmnnt.dll version

Hi there !

I'm a french user, so excuse me for all the mistakes !

We are experiencing some problems with the spool service on windows servers. A Microsoft ingeneer tells us that some drivers are realy old.

One of these is "pdfcmnnt.dll v1.7", wich is used by PDFCreator. So i started to compare versions with some colleagues.

PDFCreator v0.9.5 uses a pdfcmnnt.dll v1.8.0.10 (15/10/2005)

PDFCreator v1.0.0 uses a pdfcmnnt.dll v1.7 (28/10/2001)

PDFCreator v1.2.1 uses a pdfcmnnt.dll v1.7 (28/10/2001)

I've find some informations on this file by opening the DLL. It send me on this site : http://www.is-foehr.de/ :

They say : The RedMon EE port monitor redirects a special printer port to a program.

What i don't understand is why an newer version of PDFCreator uses an older version of this DLL ?

Now that Microsoft says we must update, my boss want me to replace the DLL on all servers using PDFCreator, but i don't want to do this... i think there is a reason of using an older version. Can you help me understanding ? Is there risks replacing this DLL ?

I hope i've been clear enough, if not just tell me what's not clear !