PDFCreate + Revit 2017 Issues

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We are using the Auto-Save feature of PDFCreator from Revit 2017.

The completed filename should be:

Instead, it is saving with both the folder location and the file extension within the filename eg:
“D_Users_peterh_Desktop_RTV Exports_MHT-STM-H2B706-XX-DR-K-000.pdf.pdf”

I have tried using our RTV batch printer and the Revit CTRL+p to print, both create the same file name.

Do you have any experience with Revit 2017 compatibility?

We have a work-around currently using Ant Renamer to clear the file location and delete the .pdf from the file name, but it would be good if it did the full export without this.


As an addition, we managed to get the filenames working using the and tokens.

However after PDFing 2-3 of a batch of 20, it lost all our settings mid-batch-PDF and returned to the old system.

Good concept, something in the coding seems to be causing issues.


the issues with the settings getting lost should be fixed with the latest 2.5.2 update, it was a timing issue with reading/writing the settings to/from the registry.

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What are “and tokens”? I can’t find any tokens that match the Sheet Name or Sheet Number from Revit.

I think the “and” just slipped into that post. The sheet name might be included in the <PrintJobName> token, but this exclusively depends on what the printing application sends to our virtual printer.

Thanks Robin, I just intrigued by “As an addition, we managed to get the filenames working using the and tokens.” Since I’ve been through all the tokens and can’t find ones that bear either the Sheet Name or Sheet Number.

Is there something I can do at my end to show all the info available to PDFCreator?


you can find the information if you set PDFCreator to interactive (disable automatic saving) print something from Revit to PDFCreator and before pressing anything in PDFCreator, go to %temp%\PDFCreator\Spool and open the .inf file.
Business editions have a feature called user tokens, which enables users to place specially formatted content into the original document, which can then later be extracted by PDFCreator during the print job. Another option to get the filenames right without tokens would be using the COM interface, but this would be a bit more complicated and require some coding abilities.

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