PDFCreater End of Life question and Compatibility Matrix


I have two questions:

Question1: is there an end of life type plan for the PDFCreater, we are currently running 1.1.0 and we are ananlyzing whether or not to upgrade, is this product still supported?

Question2: is there a compatibility matrix for the PDFCreater application, for example are there any potential limitations to the PDF file version that can be created?


in general all versions below 2.x aren’t supported any longer.

There is no compatibility matrix for PDFCreator. The PDF file version mainly depends on the features you are going to use; AES 128 bit encryption will always require PDF 1.7. By default the current version of PDFCreator creates PDF 1.4.
One thing you might need to consider is the entire application and also the COM interface were completely rewritten after version 1.7.3 ; if you have any application which uses the PDFCreator COM interface in version 1.1.0, it will not work anymore with any PDFCreator version > 1.7.3 without rewriting the application.

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