PDFCreator 0.9.8 Automatic Update Settings

I'm sorry if this question was asked before but I wasn't able to find any answer.

I have made a silent installation for PDFCreator 0.9.8 but I want to disable the automatic update feature.

Is there an easy way to do it with the silent install answer file?



I have the same issue and am in the middle of resolving

The check for update interval is an option (second general settings tab). It has an accompanying registry key. When I exported it (for possible applying silently on other machines) it is this in the .reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Obvioulsy this is unique to the logged on user so not going to work..I'm still trying..



Ok, please feel free to laugh. This reg key has a setting in the ini file you use when creating batch installer.

I simply add edit the line: UpdateInterval=2 to UpdateInterval=0