Pdfcreator 0.9.8 consumes all handles on win xp sp3 and then crashes (update)

Since recently I am not able to print anything with pdfcreator 0.9.8 from certain applications. The test page always works.

- The followin applications work

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Adobe Acrobat 9.1
  • OpenOffice 3.1.0
  • Microsoft Excel 2003
  • Freemind 0.8.1 (java)
  • Maple 10 classic interface

- The following applications crash sometimes

  • Microsoft Word 2003

- The following applications crash

  • Notepad++
  • Xnview
  • Gimp 2.6.7 (GTK-Program)
  • Dia 0.9.6 (GTK-program)
  • MyAlbum

- The save dialog comes up. The buttons e-mail and save do not work (except if the dialog was initiated by "print test page"

- pdfcreator consumes 100% of cpu-time on one single core.

- Using process explorer I realized that the number of assigned handles increases linearly with time, busting the program when it reaches 2M handles (for pdfcreator alone). Pdfcreator in the working mode uses about 300 handles.

Is there a way to make the program work again with gimp and the likes?

Or is it a windows xp ressource which does not work anymore?



Othmar Marti

Hi Othmar,

I've checked this but I can't confirm this. I've tested Notepad++ but the number handles are 113 here and it didn't increase or decrease. (Tested with Vista) It could be a problem with your machine.

I have a similar problem, though I have not looked at the handle count. With pdfcreator 1.2.1, printing from thunderbird 3.1.11 almost always fails after the ‘save’ button is clicked. Nothing visible happens, but ~100% of one core is used and memory usage climbs until eventually, several minutes later pdfcreator crashes. Recently I have seen the same behavior with firefox 3.6.18. Previous versions of pdfcreator also showed this behavior with thunderbird, but never with firefox. Printing the test page always works, however.

I will try to remember to look at the handle count the next time this happens.

I should also mention that printing the exact same page that crashes pdfcreator always prints flawlessly with bullzip free edition.


Since the beginning do I have the same problem. Now I use version 1.7.1, XP SP3.
It works well when I remove any file extension before I click on the save button.
When I leave the file extension, nothing happens, but all resources are used.
It does not matter what I print. It happens always.
I do have this problem only on one PC, two other XP and a WIN 7 are OK.