PDFCreator 1.2

I saw that PDF Creator 1.2 was on it's way out.

Can the authors comment if they have been able to track down and fix some bugs that have been reported by me and oathers for a long time?  It would be great if these itemse could be fixed in 1.2

1. Margins -- I can have a small sya .2" margin on all sides in an Excel document but PDFCreator always seems to expand the margin area makign the information displayed smaller.

2. Excel Page Numbering/Total page numbers -- If you have multiple sheets in an Excel file and each sheet is formatted a little differently then when you print "page x of y" on a sheet not all sheets are correct.  The total number of pages and sometimes the actual page number jumps around.

3.  Some web sites do not print the entire page to PDF but they do print the whole page to an actual pritner.


I am sure some others have few other bugs of note.


I would love to hear comments from the authors.  These are all bugs that have been reguarly reported.




To 1)  This is still present and I think that it is Excel itself bug. MsWord, which can show Printer margin shows that PDFC has smaller than my primary phisically printer, but Excel 2007 still makes more pages on PDFCreator than on genuine printer.

At first PDFC had 0 margins so I thought that it is in conflict with Excel so I changed PPD file to 0.1 margin and still have the same situation. If anyone has a solution to this please help.