PdfCreator 1.4 doesn't work on win 7 64 bit

Since updating to the new version pdf creator does not work. I am trying to convert a word 2003 .doc

When I click on PdfCreator in the list of printers, there is apause, then a "ding" sound from the computer, then nothing happens. No other screens appear. No pdf created.


I think they screwed up this 1.4 release. It does not work for me either in terms of adjusting any of the printer settings and sheet sizes.

I can't confirm that. Runs smoothly on my Win7 64bit system. 


Same problem... :-/

Do you have some spool-files in the PDF-Creator-Spool-Folder? I have them and the creator prints them after doubleclick on the PS-File.


Same here no dialog box (save, email, cancel, etc) on Firefox 13

I reinstalled 1.3.2 and it still doesn't work so it must be something else.  I tried IE9 and it crashed the browser.

Same with me: version 1.4 is not working. While the setup there was an error message like "problem with printer installation". So I deinstalled, did a restart of my Windows 7, service pack 1, and installed the old version of pdf Creator 1_2_3 again, which I could ■■■ out of my trash. Here I had the same error message, "Error 1802", but it worked and created a pdf from a Word 2007 file.



there seem to be 2 or more dirrent problems here :

1. Problem with installation. 

In some cases, it is neccesary to do a reboot between removing the old and installing the new version of PDFCreator. If this also fails, please post your setuplog.txt here.


2. Temp Path problem (like jhsanchez described above)

There is a problem with the temp path on some machines, which we could not identify properly up till now. We have added advanced logging abilities to the pdfcmon.dll in version 1.4.0 and now we need your help : please enable logging by adding the following DWORD value to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Print\\Monitors\\pdfcmon in your registry: name : Logging, value :1. This will cause PDFCreator to create an advanced logfile at %Windir%\\Temp\\_pdfcmonLog.txt, please send it to us (support@pdfforge.org).

Thanks a lot in advance,





 I'm running Windows 7 X64 and have been having same problem for all PDF Creator Versions after 1.2.3--no PDF Creator dialog box pops up (and the print job does not show in the PDF Creator print cue).


I ended up re-installing version 1.2.3, and that works...so that will be what I'm using until this issue gets fixed.

I've just installed 1.4.0 on Windows 7 64bit and it's working very well

I just saw this thread.  I think I have a similar issue that I posted here:


Do you think the logging suggested above would help in my issue too?

@Robin W,

Are you hard-coding the %Windir%\\Temp location you mention?  I only ask because I use custom temp locations on my system for user and system temp paths.  Also, does PDFCreator recognize the new registry entry right away or do we need to reboot?  I put it in but the file _pdfcmonLog.txt was not created in any of my temp locations.

 Interesting that AYColumbia should raise question about hard coding the %windir%\\Temp location(s)....I also use custom temp locations on my system.....wonder if others experiencing this problem also use custom temp locations???  (and if so, could that possibly be part of the issue?)


thank you very much for your efforts.

The temp locations are not hard coded, PDFCreator doesn´t need to be restarted, did you check spelling and that the entry is created as 32 bit DWORD?







I installed 1.40. on Win 7 64bit SP1  and it works perfectly

Hi Robin,

Yes it's a DWORD as the 64bit is called a QWORD.  After setting it to 1, I've been unable to find the _pdfcmonLog.txt file anywhere on any of my drives.  When I checked this setting again, I did notice that the PdfCreator value is

C:\\Program Files (x86)\\PDFCreator\\PDFCreator.exe

But when I installed the package, I used a custom path by changing my target to drive d: so am not sure why it's pointing to C.

I've uninstalled it completely and now reinstalled from scratch (not updated) and it works now.  The path is correct in the registry.

This seems to point to an issue with an update which is what I had done.  I had 1.3.2 and the installation uninstalled that successfully and then installed 1.4.0 but it seems to have "lost" the path which would have been on drive D and replaced it with C as the registry entry showed above.  At least that's my conclusion. ;)

I wanted to confirm that, for me, the fix was indeed as simple as correcting the registry entry.  My laptop installation was also an upgrade from 1.3.2 to 1.4.0 so the registry value was also incorrectly:

C:\\Program Files (x86)\\PDFCreator\\PDFCreator.exe

Instead of uninstalling/reinstalling, I decided to just try correcting the drive letter from C to D and sure enough that worked.

After a lot of debugging and many users sending us their pdfcmon logs, we have finally tracked down this issue.

Most likely the second entry here will help you: http://www.pdfforge.org/forum/help/8727-known-problems-and-solutions-version-140

If not, please post a comment there together with the pdfcmon.log

kind regards,

 I've been following this thread and I've just created a new thread with the similar issues that I've been having, here. Just wanted to link everyone so that we can share information.

 I've had some progress in identifying the issues that I seem to be encountering with hard coded TEMP paths as in %windir%\\temp\\. Hopefully the discussion there may help you too. See here: http://www.pdfforge.org/forum/open-discussion/8980-pdfcreator-v141-not-workingtemp-files-issues-win7-pro-x64