PDFCreator 1.5.1 calling home during installation

During the installation PDFCreator is calling home twice, first to update.pdfforge.org [], then to monitoring.pdfforge.org [].

What is the purpose of these internet connections?

Wouldn’t it be fair if the setup wizzard would announce these connections and explain the purpose, instead of calling home secretly.


The third paragraph in the license agreement that is shown at the beginning of the setup says:

Internet Connection during the setup

During the setup, PDFCreator will check for a new version and will report the language and version you are installing. This helps us to understand the requirements of our users. We do not transmit personal information and do not track individual users.
I would not call that secretly and I think this also explains what is happening. Or do you have any question left on this?

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I expected it in the license agreement and copied the text to a word document (10 pages!).
There I searched the long text for “network” and “installation” … and missed that paragraph due to using the wrong phrases.  :frowning:

No questions left, thanks for clarifying this and erasing my concerns!
Good support, thank you!

… although the first internet connection is done before the license agreement windows pops up.

Even if I disagree to the agreement, the first connection was already done (unless my firewall has blocked it).

Maybe that sequence should be thought over.

Yes, this is a bit of a problem, because the user is not able to disagree with this. But at the same time, if there is an updated version, the setup offers to download it directly and you would have to start over again, so we have set this as early as possible.