PDFCreator 1.7.3: Add printers via command line

Is it possible to add more PDFCreator printers via command line?

We found out that if you use the printerhelper.exe from version 1.9.4 it works for version 1.7.3, too!
–> printerhelper.exe /AddPrinter

But as for now we do not know if there’s a native 1.7.3 method to do this.

Another workaround to this is to make a registry export of the 1st PDFCreator printer, rename it, pump it back into the registry and restart the spooler service:

  • Export HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\PDFCreator
  • Search and replace “PDFCreator” with "NewPrinterName"
  • Import the reg file back
  • net stop spooler
  • net start spooler

Any actions regarding profile assignment to this newly created printer has to be done via registry: