PDFCreator 1.7.3 fails to install on Windows 7 64 bit

Has anyone seen this problem? The 1.7.3 compact install fails on a Windows 7 64 bit machine with the error: C:\\Windows\\system32\\pdfcmon.dll: An error occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination directory: MoveFilefailed; code 32.

From what Ican tell, there is no "pdfcmon.dll" file in the system32 directory. This is a reinstalled machine and I am installing the PDF creator for the first time.


it is the first time I have heared of this error. Was a setuplog.txt created during the setup?
If yes, please post its content here or send it to us by mail.
Could you try to install the latest beta and see if the error also occurs there?
Here is the link: http://download.pdfforge.org/download/pdfcreator/1.9.3-beta/PDFCreator-1_9_3-setup.exe?file=AMIfv96VlSOQ1WdksAQYr2dWXbqiPwy0kwziPIZhcyoXnEwx3qpDM0WnuqX0uVvOZL7ALw-MHqM8HKnlKCbxvYP1vbmpeQMbuOhBnTrbGirXZ5hCT6E05vOrhqFun3eSPsDpMcBhyMhBAIHpb3lUDZ0mok6sjLn9O0I33gfPtM2xXPPsW_i82Es


Hi Robin,

there was no setup log saved during the original installation. The installer simply rolled back once the error was encountered and I clicked on “Abort”.

The 1.9.3 Beta installed without any problems.

Thank you.

I had the same experience–installed 1.7.3 but printing out of Word & others produced no response–no save file dialog, no error message. Same story after un-installing and re-installing. I checked the install log listed below, and didn’t see anything that popped out… so uninstalled PDFcreator & Architect, downloaded 1.9.3 reinstalled, but still no joy. 

Well, actually, your site didn’t want a comment that included the log, so contact me if you want it.


yes the logs sometimes don’t post here properly without using the “paste as text” button, sorry for that. You could send it to support@pdfforge.org and we will glady have a look at it.

best regards