[PDFCreator 1.9.4][VB .NET]


I would like to create an application to pilot PDF creator in VB.NET. I found an example in C# (http://angrez.blogspot.fr/2007/06/create-pdf-in-net-using-pdfcreator.html), but I have a problem. I imported the DLLs in my project but I don’t found clspdfcreator class in different namespace.
Do you have an idea or an example ? I need your help

Thanks per advance :slight_smile:

The example you are referencing is not the new codebase.  1.9.4 is beta.  Try the 1.7 series if you need the COM interface for now.

Thanks for your answers. I installed 1.7 but I have the same problem. In example project there is not PDFCreator DLL, the reference is broken :\