PDFCreator 14.1

Sorry. Your new version of PDFCreator is contaminated with Icredibar virus! My computer was infected and waste all my time to get rid of it!



Incredibar doesn't sound like a virus, but more like a toolbar. I imagine some anti-virus programs may regard this as malware. Many of these anti-virus programs regard toolbars as malware when really they just serve ads. Did you try uninstalling the Incredibar software from the Add/Remove Programs dialog?


In the future when installing PDF Creator, or any software for that matter, select 'custom' or 'expert' instead of 'Typical' or just pushing through with Next,Next,Next and this can be avoided. PDF Creator allows you to de-select the installation of third party software during its install.


Please see this comment for a response from the developer: http://www.pdfforge.org/forum/open-discussion/8460-please-drop-bundled-installer-it-installing-stuff-considered-malware-eg-b#comment-6192