PdfCreator 2.0 Commandline conversion ps2pdf

Hi folks,

I have a problem using PdfFcreator 2.0 converting documents from doc 2 pdf.

At the moment I can automate the conversation of a doc into pdf within 2 steps:
1. print it to .ps
2. convert the ps to pdf using pdfcreator.exe /NoStart /IF"inputfile" /OF"outputfile"

which works like a charm in 1.7.3.

But it seems the old commandline parameters are not supported anymore in 2.0.

Can anyone suggest me an alternative approach?

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the alternative method is directly converting the doc, the parameter is /PrintFile="path"
The old /IF /OF method is not supported anymore. You will need to enable automatic saving inside PDFCreator to fully automate the procedure as it is not possible to specify the output path as a parameter anymore. If you like coding, you could also have a look at the new COM interface which can be used to automate just about anything inside PDFCreator.

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Hi Cay,
thx for your fast replay.

I’ve to say that I’m not very happy about your decision to change the given API so much,
especially as you state that the functionality still exists, using the COM interface.
Would the overhead have been so big to further support the OutputFile-parameter?

Kind regrads,