PDFCreator 2.0 in VBA (pack office)

Hi everyone,

I’ve installed Pdfcreator 2.0 in order to use the libraries in VBA (like the versions 0.x or 1.x).

Unfortunatelly, it is impossible to create an object because the clsPDFCreator object doesn’t exist anymore:

Set pdfjob = New PdfCreator.clsPDFCreator

The object is not found in the VBA library references.

As a matter of fact, there are 3 main objects: PdfCreator.Queue, PdfCreator.PDFCreator ,PdfCreator.Printers.

How can we declare a PDFCreator object in PDFCreator 2.0 please?

Many thanks in advanced,



the COM interface was completly redesigned after version 1.7.3, here is a link to the docs:

You will need to reference the PDFCreator.tlb, but your entire code will also need to be adjusted, as basically everything has been changed. We know this can cause a lot of work, but the old COM interface needed a rewrite in order to make it robust to future updates (code written for the current version should stay compatible for all future PDFCreator updates.).

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