PDFCreator 2.0 mail association problem in Windows 2003


Try to run PDFCreator in a Windows 2003 environment but have some difficulties when I try to setup the mail function.

I can´t get the latest Thunderbird mail client 31.3.0 (default mailclient in system) to start up in version 2.0. Nothing happens… No response if I try to use Default mail client test. If I try to install 1.7.3 everything works fine. I want to use the 2.0 client because the functionality is much more effective.

The mail client association works fine when I try to send mail via right click etc…

Is this the problem? Found in the MapiClient.cs module:

public static bool IsMapiClientInstalled
object mailClient = Registry.GetValue(@“HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail”, “”, “none”);
return (mailClient != null);
I don´t have the entry in that key…?

I don´t have that key… But it exists under HKLM?