PDFCreator 2.0 not working as a shared printer

I have just installed PDFCreator 2 as a shared printer on a Windows server 2012. If I print from the server, the output is auto saved to the right folder. If I print from another server using it as a shared printer, the print job just flashes shortly, but there is no file saved on the print server. Also there is no logging to find in PDFcreator for the printjob (but from the job locally made the job has been logged.)

Before I used the 1.7.x version that worked perfectly.

Any idea what is going wrong?


did you install version 1.7.3 in server mode? This is not avaialble in version 2.0.0 anymore, as we have planned to create a proper windows service for this instead. The old way of forcing a desktop application into server mode caused to many problems.

best regards,

Hi Robin,

Do you have a time estimate on when the proper windows service for version 2.0 will be available?