PDFCreator 2.0 VBScript Support

I just recently upgraded to PDFCreator 2.0, and it seems support for VBScript is completely gone. I saw that you have new COM Interface and commands. Another problem is that I don’t see anywhere that this support has been stopped nor do I see in the forums anyone asking about it. Any help would be appreciated.


unfortunately, we didn’t have time to create vbscript examples yet, this might change soon. 

But, the whole process described in the manual and in the javascript examples is the same for any (script-)language. So, if you are a bit familiar with javascript, it should be relatively easy to get a vbscript version out of it.



Thanks for the reply. I saw the javascript examples, but I decided to revert to version 1.7.2 for now as I already have working scripts for this version and don’t have time to write new scripts with the new COM interface.