Pdfcreator 2.2 programmin in VBA from MSAccess?

how can I convert in MSAccess 2007 VBA (happily used for 10 years with PDFCreator 1.6.2 and MSAccess 2000) with latest version? Samples are only in java… there is no more support for VBA?
Old code within MSAccess 2007 does not work with version 1.6.2.
I’m running into win7 64 bit with administrative privileges (I hope…)
Control panel says that I have installed .NET 1.1 e 4.5.2.
Trying to install .NET 2 64bit it aborts saying that is already installed.
Maurizio from Roma (Italy)


VBA is still supported, examples will be available with the next PDFCreator update.
If you send a mail to support(at)pdfforge(dot)org I can mail you a basic example.
All the general changes and documentation can be found here:

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