PDFCreator 2.3.1 - click Print, no Save dialog, sits in printer queue

Just installed PDFCreator 2.3.1 on Windows 7. When I try to print to PDF, I select PDFCreator as the printer, click Print, but then nothing happens and the Save dialog (to specify where the PDF is to be saved) never appears. If I go in to Devices and Printers, I can see the job (status: Printing).

If I start PDFCreator from the Start menu, go to Application Settings and Debug, printing a test page does not work either.

Is it possible that my antivirus software (Kaspersky) is blocking the Save window from opening? Or could it be something else?


I doubt it is getting blocked by Kaspersky directly, but some third party application might have modified the permissions for your %temp% folder and the PDFCreator\spool folder in that path in an unexpected way. Please check if they still have a correct owner and your user and the SYSTEM account have read/write access there.

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Thanks Robin – your theory immediately made sense, because of another issue I had some months ago with some software that could not write to %temp%. At the time I had to work around that by setting up an alternative Admin account on the PC, and I’ve just logged into that account and used it to successfully print a PDF using PDFCreator, so that’s obviously the problem. I’ll have to investigate more thoroughly how to resolve this permissions problem, but thank you very much for suggesting the correct cause!