PDFCreator 2.4 driver speedup possible?

PDFCreator 2.4:

Sending a relative normal RTF document (2 mediuml tables, no images) to the printer driver takes about 12s to get a PDF file.

What measures are best to speedup that? Every second counts in my case. The time is the same on 32bit (Win7 3MB RAM) or 64bit machines (Win7, 8MB RAM). Shall I add more memory or move to a faster PC. Or are there other possible measures to speedup PDFCreator?


it might help to move to a newer PDFCreator version, I just tested this with PDFCreator 3.3.0 (will be released later today) and it took about 3 sec to spool and some ms to convert to PDF (Win 10, 8GB RAM).
How exactly to you send the file to the printer, do you open it inside Word/Wordpad and print it, or do you use drag and drop or the "Convert with PDFCreator" context menu entry? In general, opening the file for printing + spooling takes a lot longer (in this case, several hundred times) than the actual conversion from Postscript to PDF, so a fast machine (good CPU, SSD, RAM) will generally help increase the overall performance of your workflow.

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i tested PDFCreator 3.3 and it was a bit faster (Win7-32 bit, average 0,05s faster).
It seems that our RTF is a bit more complex, than visible at first glimpse.
We print the RTF to PDFCreator by write.exe (Wordpad) and measure the time until the process finishes in a PDF document.

Trying the direct conversion, I got nearly the same times:
"C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\PDFCreator" /PrintFile="C:\Users\Public\erg.rtf" /Outputfile="C:\users\public\erg.pdf".

We use PDFCreator in a Kiosk Environment, where the user makes some interactions and watches the result PDF displayed in a window, where he signs and prints the document. So he never gets manual access to PDF Creator itself.

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The /PrintFile command can only directly convert PDF files, for RTF it will launch word or wordpad in the background and print it from there, in both cases the actual printing will take a lot longer than converting the Postscript file (which gets created during the printing process) to PDF. We basically use Microsoft Postscript printer drivers for PDFCreator, I am not aware of any method to speed up the printing itself.
Probably SSD and CPU are the most relevant hardware components for this.

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