PDFCreator 3.2.0.exe disable update

Hi, i search how i can disable Update for PDFCreator in 3.2.0 version but i not found.
I search to do that without GUI. With file or regedit.

I can do it with GUI but i not find where this settings is saved



you can set the UpdateInterval to “never” in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\pdfforge\PDFCreator\Settings\ApplicationSettings.
If you’d like to disable the possibility of users manually searching for updates, you will need a business edition, which allows you to completely disable updates via GPO.

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is it the same for PDF Creator 3.3.0 (free)?
In GUI there is no option for Updateinterval "Never" and if I set it in registry to "never" it also has no effect.

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Hi Niko,

starting with PDFCreator 3.3.0, the lowest update (check) interval is 1 month in the free edition; the actual update still remains optional, it is just the check (and we usually don't release an update every month, so you won't actually get that many prompts). The other editions don't have this restriction.

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This sucks you guys changed it to not allow suppressing the new update is avail.
Just like microsoft over time your ways become more and more intrusive and forcing your ways upon people...such a horrible practice, and you know users hate it but you do it anyways.


Damn have to find another product to replace PDFCreator. I don't want to get prompts about new versions.

You can suppress the update check in all editions except for the free edition.
You can also still choose to not install the new version in the free edition, you just can't completely disable the update check anymore. You can use the PDFCreator source code to write your own app; so I don't think it is fair to compare us to Microsoft. If you are on a private machine and just don't want to see any update prompts, you can still simply block PDFCreator from accessing the internet through a firewall setting.

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You forced me to uninstall PDFCreator which I've been using for years. Why? Automatic updates WITHOUT option to disable it!
You said that we can use PDFCreator source code, so the question is: WHERE IS IT? Why are you hiding it?

There are no automatic updates in PDFCreator Free. You'll get an update reminder once a month if PDFCreator is able to connect to the internet.
PDFCreator source code is not hidden, it's available for everyone on github.

Since @Robin.W answered all questions, I'll close this topic.

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